About the project.

Šuma (Shuma) is an electronic project that combines ancient pagan songs and electronic music (deep house, slow dance, dub techno, minimal, acid) The band has got many awards in Belarus (album of the year, best electronic album, best Belarusian album, etc.) and excellent reviews from international media. At the moment, Shuma is one of the most trandy electronic projects in Belarus. Their value lies in great sound production and in truly correct rethinking of the ancient cultural tradition, which is almost lost.

• Rusia - vocals, concept
• Alexey Budzko - live programming

sound production:
• Alexis Scorpio - producer, sound producer, sound designer, composer, arrangement ("Zhnivo", "SONCA")
• Nick Cherny - producer, sound producer, sound designer, composer, arrangement, programming, keyboards ("Zhnivo").


management/booking agent - Alexander Bogdanov