Shuma Global Meditation

Meditation of support for everyone who doesn't give up in a difficult situation will start on Saturday 24.10, 17:00 GMT (UTC)




The Women-in-white protest campaign after the terrible events of August 9 -11 in Minsk turned the tide in Belarus and helped us to remember that we are truth and love ourselves. Hate and fear still prevail in our country, so with this meditation we’d love to support everyone who is scared or tired, give them power to carry on their peaceful protests.


Love will conquer fear and hate

We believe that everyone has a grain of love and kindness inside, even though this grain is in a sleep mode. As grass breaks through the asphalt, love will grow through anger and darkness. We invite concerned people from all over the world to focus on love, support and compassion and send them where they are most needed right now.


What kind of meditation will it be

* Mother’s voice will guide you through your body to find and remove the blocks,

* ancient Belarusian songs will help you to find the connection with your ancestors,

* the binaural rhythms and sounds of nature will relax and set your mind on good things

* gentle electronic music will tie together the audio narrative. 


Invite your friends

Meditation will be practiced in English (but all the songs are sung in old Belarusian as always). Join us on Instagram.


Partners and good people,, @bloomingmallorca, illustrations @mila.kotka, video @coocoobird