Me, Mother. 2019 new album.



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Here we have collected ancient Belarusian songs that were used by women in various rituals. All dialects of the language are saved.


In addition to the voices in the album, eco-sounds were used: the sounds of nature, other voices and the ritual instrument of the chakapa (shamanic fan from the culture of Peru).


Through music, we tried to describe the different states of motherhood and the experiences of a person’s relationship with the Mother, from euphoria to aggression. In music, we used various psychoacoustic techniques that help the listener to live through various suppressed emotions (anxiety, admiration, fear, calm, euphoria, gratitude, etc.)


“Me, Mother” is the sound mystery that we dedicate to our Mother Earth and our parents and children, of course.


Styles: authentic ambient, electronica, dark, dub techno, experimental abstract electronica, digital arhaica, jazz, cinematic.


Conception: Rus

Vocals: Rus, Nadezhda Chugunova

Shaman voice: Alexander Yankelevich

Sound production, arrangement, composing: Alexis Scorpio

Cover: Alena Khodor

Record label: Ezhevika 2019